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Shellock Holmes MOBA Mode by Redmablo Shellock Holmes MOBA Mode by Redmablo
Someone suggested on TPP that our characters should be made into MOBA characters.

Passive: Odor Sleuth - Every 4th spell cast ignores 10% of the enemy's magic resist.
Q: Bubble - Shellock launches bubbles in a line and slows enemies.
W - Cut - Shellock does a percentage of his armor and magic resist as bonus damage to an enemy.
E - Surf - Shellock rides a tidal wave to the target destination and knocks up any enemies along the way.
R - Ocatzooka - Shellock lauches 8 massive aquatic blasts that does AOE damage.
(His kit is in the roughs)

"Victory is elementary."
Against M4 "A true gentleman never hits a lady.
Losing to M4 "Okay, I know what I said, but you're starting to really piss me off!"
K-Oed by M4 "Be still my heart."
Sporefan11 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Do a M4 one, do them all !!! I beg you.
Redmablo Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol I'll try.
DBinitiate Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
M4's kit:

Passive: Rollout
Whenever M4 hits an enemy champion with a skill, she gets a stack of Rollout. Upon getting 4 stacks of Rollout, the next skill will deal massively increased damage and consume the stacks. If M4 misses a skill, she loses all stacks of Rollout. She also loses all stacks if she doesn't use any skill for 10 seconds.

Q: Rock Smash
M4 slams the ground in front of her, dealing damage to all enemy units in the area and applying a debuf that reduces armor.

W: Bubblebeam
M4 fires a projectile in a straight line that damages and slows the first enemy it hits.

E: Surf
M4 rides a tidal wave to the target destination and knocks up any enemies along the way.

R: Strength
M4 strikes an enemy champion with so much force that it is sent flying. While being knocked back, the target can collide with other enemy units, dealing additional damage to both the target and the unit it collides with and knocks it back as well.

M4's basic attacks will be ranged, but her skills will allow for a nice combo of moves. First slow an enemy with Bubblebeam, then follow up with Surf to get in range. Then use Rock Smash and finish with Strength. Should the target survive all of this, then your next skill will proc your passive, guaranteeing a kill.

"Alright everyone! Gear up and ROLLOUT!"

Upon meeting Shellock Holmes:
"A detective, huh? Why don't you join us? We could use someone of your caliber."
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April 24, 2014
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